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Simple script for creating snapshots of an EBS volume and keeping a certain number of those
require 'AWS'
require 'yaml'
class SnapshotManagement
# initalize class, optional override path to yml file
# * options [String] :path ('')
def initialize(params = {})
path = params[:path] || File.join(RAILS_ROOT,'config','s3.yml' )
s3 = YAML.load_file(path)
@access_key_id = s3['access_key_id']
@secret_access_key = s3['secret_access_key']
@ec2 = => @access_key_id, :secret_access_key => @secret_access_key)
# The CreateSnapshot operation creates a snapshot of an Amazon EBS volume and stores it in Amazon S3. You can use snapshots for backups, to launch instances from identical snapshots, and to save data before shutting down an instance.
# * options [String] :volume_id ('')
# * options [optional,String] :description ('') Description of the Amazon EBS snapshot.
def create_snapshot(params)
@ec2.create_snapshot(:volume_id =>params[:volume_id], :description => params[:description] )
# Clean up snapshots of volume, keep specific number of snapshots
# * options [String] :volume_id ('')
# * options [Integer] :keep_num (10) Number of snapshots to retain, defaults to 10.
# * options [Integer] :owner Id of owner of snapshots
def cleanup_snapshots(params)
keep_num = params["keep_num"] || 10
snapshots = @ec2.describe_snapshots(:owner => params[:owner])['snapshotSet']['item']
entries = {|s| s['volumeId'] == params[:volume_id]}
remove = entries.size-keep_num-1
entries[0..remove].each do |entry|
#puts entry
response = @ec2.delete_snapshot( :snapshot_id => entry['snapshotId'])
successful = response['return']
puts "Deleting snapshot '#{entry['description']}' of volume #{entry['volumeId']}, Successful? #{successful}"
end unless remove < 0
volume_id = VOLUME_ID
owner = OWNER
config_path = PATH
time_str ='%Y-%m-%d_%H:%M')
s = => config_path)
s.create_snapshot(:volume_id => volume_id, :description => "#{desc} - #{time_str}")
s.cleanup_snapshots(:volume_id => volume_id, :owner => owner)

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@Robs79 Robs79 commented Apr 20, 2013

We had the same problem, we used some ec2 commands and a bash script, let me know if it come in handy:

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