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~ gush b:w Luiss-MacBook-Pro-3 [10:08:46]
573: Exclude directories - Use AbsolutePath (
622: Add support for --filter <name>#<dataset> (
622: Add support for --filter <name>#<dataset> (
719: --debug flag has no effect when using --stderr (
750: assertSame does not work for NAN (
789: PHP INI settings would not be passed to child processes while "processIsolation" is on. (
796: Mocking a method with a reference to an object will make argument matches fail (
800: Make the fatal-isolation test work in most environments. (
806: PHPUnit_Util_Type does not handle array references properly (
823: Process isolation not working on windows if there are spaces in path to php.exe (
834: @requires os (
835: Printers that extend `PHPUnit_TextUI_ResultPrinter` should have similar construction (
847: --self-update switch for phpunit.phar (
855: Class attribute name validity check (
869: assertSelectCount fails with plus selector (
871: Add Comparator for DateTime objects (
904: Fatal error is occured when AssertionFailedError is thrown and method covers invalid class (
910: Static Analysis Results (
912: phpunit.xml.dist referencing a non-existing XSD (
914: Granular configuration of strict mode (
946: Get rid of ctype dependency (
949: Mismatching posix chars when using colors (
957: specialized data comparison test (
991: Remove `@outputBuffering` and `setUseOutputBuffering()`. (
1023: assertEquals strange issues with arrays? (
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