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Example of using a service layer w/ the repository pattern -
/* UserRepository.php */
namespace Acme\Repositories;
class UserRepository extends AbstractRepository implements UserRepositoryInterface
// etc...
/* UserManager.php */
namespace Acme\Services;
use Acme\Repositories\UserRepository;
use Illuminate\Events\Dispatcher as EventDispatcher;
class UserManager
protected $userRepository;
protected $eventDispatcher;
public function __construct(UserRepository $userRepository, EventDispatcher $eventDispatcher)
$this->userRepository = $userRepository;
$this->eventDispatcher = $eventDispatcher;
public function register($data)
// create the user
$user = $this->userRepository->create($data);
if (!$user) return false;
// fire a domain event before returning the user
$this->eventDispatcher->fire('user.registered', $user);
return $user;
/** etc... **/
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