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Forked from r2luna/Aliases
Created March 10, 2022 01:01
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# -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
# -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Brew
alias bsa='brew services start'
alias bs='brew services'
alias bso='brew services stop'
# Git
alias gst='git status'
alias ga='git add .'
alias gk='git checkout'
alias gc='git commit'
alias gp='git pull'
alias gpr='git pull --rebase'
alias gps='git push'
alias gpsu='git push -u origin'
alias gm='git commit -m'
alias gam='git commit -am'
alias gl='git log --oneline --decorate --color --graph'
alias nah="git reset --hard && git clean -df"
alias wip="git add .;git commit -m 'wip' > /dev/null"
alias wips="git add .;git commit -m 'wip' > /dev/null;git push"
alias gclean='git branch --merged | grep -v "\*" | xargs -n 1 git branch -d'
alias gs='git reset HEAD^'
# Artisan
alias pa='php artisan'
alias a='php artisan'
alias tinker='pa tinker'
alias mfs='pa migrate:fresh --seed'
alias mf='pa migrate:fresh'
alias mr='pa migrate:rollback'
alias m='pa migrate'
alias rl='pa route:list'
alias horizon='pa horizon'
alias queue='pa queue'
alias key='a key:generate'
# Livewire
alias lm='a make:livewire'
# General
alias dump="composer dump"
alias w='yarn watch'
alias h='yarn hot'
alias ni='npm install'
alias nd='npm run dev'
alias nu='nvm use'
alias p.='pstorm .'
alias s.='subl .'
alias clock='watch -t -n 1 date +%T'
# Yarn Typeorm
alias y="yarn"
alias yt="yarn typeorm"
alias ymc="yarn typeorm migration:create -n"
# Docker
alias dc="docker-compose run --rm composer"
alias dn="docker-compose run --rm npm"
alias da="docker-compose run --rm artisan"
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