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Created Apr 3, 2013
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Bash Script to find Geolocation from IP Addresses in apache's access log. You need to have "geoiplookup" package from GeoLite package. The excerpts are taken from
#!/usr/bin/env bash
cat /var/log/apache2/access_log | awk '{print $1}' > ips.txt
uniq ips.txt > uniqips.txt
IPS=`cat uniqips.txt`
for i in $IPS
echo "$i,`geoiplookup $i | cut -d "," -f2 | sed -e 's/^[\t]//'`" >> ipinfo.csv

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REDLINK commented Dec 16, 2014

Shouldn't it be sort ips.txt | uniq > uniqips.txt?


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denics commented Nov 10, 2015

To get this output:, yy.yyy change the echo line with the following

echo "$i, `geoiplookup $i | awk -F, 'NR==2{print $7, $8}' | sed -e 's/,//'`" >> ipinfo.csv
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