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Running Screen on CoreOS

Set up screen

  1. docker run --detach --interactive --tty --privileged --net=host fedora /bin/bash
  2. docker attach $CONTAINER_ID
  3. yum install screen

Create screen session

  1. docker attach $CONTAINER_ID
  2. screen -S test
  3. Detach from screen

Reattach to screen session

  1. docker attach $CONTAINER_ID
  2. screen -r test
  3. Detach from screen

knope commented Aug 25, 2015

i'm so pissed that core os has no gcc or make... and you cant make make with out gcc, and you cant make gcc with out make... throws keyboard at wall and walks away

port22 commented Sep 7, 2015

that's mostly useless since it just gives no access to the actual CoreOS system ^^ what we acutally need is a screen compiled portable binary built for CoreOS. anybody?

port22 commented Nov 9, 2015

Here's a working alternative. Someone has built a static binary of tmux:!topic/coreos-dev/JAeABXnQzuE

ccomb commented Feb 18, 2017

@port22 to get access to the coreos system (and docker access) you need to:

  • bind mount the root of the coreos system with -v /:/media/root
  • bind mount the docker socket with: -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock
  • install docker and screen in the container
  • reattach with docker attach --sig-proxy=false NAME to be able to detach from it

This is similar to what the coreos toolbox already proposes, but I'm not sure how to keep the toolbox running and detach from it

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