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Last active Dec 10, 2015

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Example usage of runonce
var runOnce = require('uvrun').runOnce;
// Do something here, like make a server to keep the event loop busy
var TCP = process.binding('tcp_wrap').TCP;
var server = new TCP();
server.onconnection = function () {
server.bind("", 3000);
// Visualize each event loop tick using a custom event loop.
console.log("Waiting for events...");
do {
var ret = runOnce();
} while(ret);
// If the code gets here, there are no events left and node's built-in uv_run won't block.

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commented Jan 2, 2013

Interesting way to achieve "parallel" execution. Is that any different from process.nextTick regarding performance?


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commented Jan 7, 2013

It's not parallel, it's just a new event loop that blocks inside the built-in one.

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