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Query docker stats via luvit
-- env from luvi
local env = require('env')
-- some modules form luvit
local pathJoin = require('path').join
local urlParse = require('url').parse
local jsonParse = require('json').parse
local httpCodec = require('http-codec')
-- Some third-party modules
-- To get these run:
-- lit install creationix/coro-wrapper creationix/coro-tcp creationix/coro-tls creationix/coro-fs
local connect = require('coro-tcp').connect
local fs = require('coro-fs')
local tlsWrap = require('coro-tls').wrap
local wrapper = require('coro-wrapper')
-- Enter your container ID
local id = "df321ebcd929"
-- Make sure DOCKER_HOST is set with tcp host and path
-- Test by polling the stats for a container
local config = urlParse(env.get("DOCKER_HOST"))
coroutine.wrap(function ()
local read, write = assert(connect(, tonumber(config.port)))
read, write = tlsWrap(read, write, {
ca = fs.readFile(pathJoin(env.get("DOCKER_CERT_PATH"), "ca.pem")),
key = fs.readFile(pathJoin(env.get("DOCKER_CERT_PATH"), "key.pem")),
cert = fs.readFile(pathJoin(env.get("DOCKER_CERT_PATH"), "cert.pem")),
read = wrapper.reader(read, httpCodec.decoder())
write = wrapper.writer(write, httpCodec.encoder())
method = "GET",
path = "/containers/" .. id .. "/stats"
local res = read()
for data in read do
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