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Front-End Challenge

Front-End Challenge

Hey, let's build simple Blog.

We will start with simple MVP. It will have Posts and Comments features.

Use React as view framework. JavaScript has to be ES 6/7 (Babel + Webpack) or TypeScript.

State layer should be handled with Redux or similar solution you're experienced with.

Styling recommended to do in CSS in JS library you have experience with, usually, styled-components will be the best choice.

Use React Router in case of React. Other frameworks going to have different routers out of the box.

Pages and Features

Our blog going to have next pages:

  • Latest Posts / -- List of all Posts, Post short description, author and publish date
  • View Post /posts/:postId -- Post page


  • View list of latest Posts
  • View specific Post
  • Create new comment under Post
  • Create / Edit Post * Optional


To persist data and work with real API, we're going to use simple Node.js API created in few minutes. API hosted in cloud and you can query it from anywhere. API endpoints documentation:

Structure and Code Style


The design is up to you. Simple, minimalistic and clean would be nice. As general example check Ghost standard UI.


  • Avoid use of jQuery and bootstrap. Native JS and flexbox nowadays solve all you need from these two.
  • The code should be clean, passing ESLint checks and simple to understand.
  • Task usually takes from 2 to 4 hours. If you need more time, you're good to take it and it's appreciated, but results should be sent no later than 24 hours after the start.
  • Challenge code should be uploaded git repository to GitHub or BitBucket. Send us link to the repository right after that. Thanks!
  • Challenge should have clean file with details how to run the project.
  • Skills to write great business logic evaluated higher than markup or styling.

If you have any questions about challenge details, ask for details, it's appreciated.

Have a good luck and looking forward to working with you!

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