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Craig Weber crgwbr

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janaz /
Created Oct 31, 2015
Create docker-machine with overlayfs
docker-machine create -d virtualbox --engine-storage-driver overlay --virtualbox-disk-size "50000" --virtualbox-memory "4096" overlay
stephenmcd /
Created May 8, 2012
Allow circular Django template inheritance, so projects can both override and extend a reusable app's templates.
from django.template.loader_tags import ExtendsNode
def get_extends_parent(self, context):
Patched onto Django's ``ExtendsNode.get_parent`` which is
responsible for loading the template to extend from with
the ``extends`` template tag.
This patch allows the template foo/bar.html to extend
foo/bar.html, given that there is another version of it that


note that this requires Sass 3.2 alpha or higher

OOCSS is awesome because it helps us organize our style sheets in clean and simple ways but it can be far too rigid for the new responsive web. How can we use preprocessors to preserve both flexibility and cleanliness of code? Can these objects be abstracted to our preprocessors?

Lets first take a look at three column widths in OOCSS to see how they compare.