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"adult": false,
"backdrop_path": null,
"belongs_to_collection": null,
"budget": 500000,
"genres": [
"id": 27,
"name": "Horror"
"homepage": "",
"id": 65051,
"imdb_id": "tt0473348",
"original_language": "en",
"original_title": "Dead Men Walking",
"overview": "A viral outbreak turns those who are infected into the walking dead. Soon, the undead are contained, being kept in a maximum security prison. However, those who contained the undead are also trapped in this zombie-infested prison. Their only hope is to escape; but once you're inside this prison, there's really no way of getting out safely.",
"popularity": 0.000599,
"poster_path": "\/aDW1sohSgy2wwQrS1HUxVDGsfpz.jpg",
"production_companies": [
"name": "The Asylum",
"id": 1311
"production_countries": [
"iso_3166_1": "US",
"name": "United States of America"
"release_date": "2005-10-25",
"revenue": 0,
"runtime": 82,
"spoken_languages": [
"iso_639_1": "it",
"name": "Italiano"
"iso_639_1": "en",
"name": "English"
"status": "Released",
"tagline": "A Maximum Security Prison - Thousands of Infected Inmates - Only One Way Out!",
"title": "Dead Men Walking",
"video": false,
"vote_average": 0,
"vote_count": 0
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