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cristenicu / .Xmodmap
Created Aug 27, 2018
Remap CAPSLOCK to ENTER (Linux)
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clear lock
keycode 66 = KP_Enter
cristenicu / .xbindkeysrc
Created Aug 27, 2018
Logitech MX Master KeyBindings (Linux)
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"xte 'keydown Control_L' 'keydown Alt_L' 'key Up' 'keyup Control_L' 'keyup Alt_L'"
"xte 'keydown Control_L' 'keydown Alt_L' 'key Down' 'keyup Control_L' 'keyup Alt_L'"
cristenicu / eway.php
Created Jan 31, 2018
Translate eway response codes to actual message
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return [
'messages' => [
// Transaction response messages
'A2000' => 'Transaction Approved',
'A2008' => 'Honour With Identification',
'A2010' => 'Approved For Partial Amount',
'A2011' => 'Approved, VIP',
'A2016' => 'Approved, Update Track 3',
cristenicu / register.js
Created Jul 27, 2017
Web Push Notifications
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var serviceWorkerRegistration;
if ('serviceWorker' in navigator) {
window.addEventListener('load', function () {
serviceWorkerRegistration = registerServiceWorker();
function registerServiceWorker() {
return navigator.serviceWorker.register('service_worker.js')