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  • Cromwell: Opening
    • [Gem City JS] Wed, Nov 19: Home Automation and Robots using Johnny-Five with Rob Tarr
    • [Dayton Web Developers] Wed, Nov 2: Brian Woodward - Going 'serverless' with JavaScript, APIs and Markup (JAM)
    • [Southwest Ohio Givecamp] Fri, Oct 21: 141 Volunteers THANK YOU!!!
  • Introduction to [Hacktoberfest]
    • What does it mean to contribute while at DCC?
    • [Progress Checker] Examples: [cromwellryan progress], [tarr progress]
    • Share your progress at [Dayton Web Dev Slack]
  • [Sign up]
  • Install Docker Platform for Mac
  • Cronjob to remove Dangling Images weekly
  • Steps to cleanup services
  • Bash into containers
  • Training
  • Dockerizing a set
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  1. $GOPATH is the well known place where go looks for things and installs built things.
  2. go install <path> <path> is relative to $GOPATH\src.

For example, the following will attempt to compile code found in $GOPATH/src/my-app:

$> go install my-app
  1. go install doesn't care if package <name> matches the fs path structure.
  2. When the name of a package is main, that package ends up in $GOPATH/bin
View application.controller.js
import Ember from 'ember';
export default Ember.Controller.extend({
appName: 'Ember Twiddle',
actions: {
selectPhone() {
console.log('contr: select phone');