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Atsushi Kataoka croudsky

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# Add this to more_web_steps.rb
# Selenium docs: today!
When /^I (accept|dismiss) the "([^"]*)" alert$/ do |action, text|
alert = page.driver.browser.switch_to.alert
alert.text.should eq(text)
set -e
source ~/.bash_profile
echo "■■ Updates packages. Asks for your password. ■■"
sudo yum update -y
echo "■■ Installs packages. Give your password when asked. ■■"
sudo yum groupinstall -y 'Development tools'
sudo yum install -y git mysql-server gcc gcc-c++ make openssl-devel re2c libmcrypt libmcrypt-devel libxml2-devel bison bison-devel curl-devel libjpeg-devel libpng-devel libmcrypt-devel readline-devel libtidy-devel libxslt-devel httpd-devel enchant-devel libXpm libXpm-devel freetype-devel t1lib t1lib-devel gmp-devel libc-client-devel libicu-devel oniguruma-devel net-snmp net-snmp-devel bzip2-devel libtool-ltdl-devel subversion httpd ImageMagick ImageMagick-devel libmcrypt-devel
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// strip-units required by spread mixin
@function strip-units($number)
@return $number / ($number * 0 + 1)
// pow and sqrt required by ease function
// adapted from
@function pow($base, $exponent)
$value: $base
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