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GIScience conference proceedings titles
Sweeping a Terrain by Collaborative Aerial Vehicles
Computing Highly Occluded Paths on a Terrain
On IO-efficient Viewshed Algorithms and Their Accuracy
Virtual Traffic for Real-World Challenges
An Opportunistic Client User Interface to Support Centralized Ride Share Planning
Evaluating Eco-Driving Advice Using GPS/CANBus Data
Energy-Optimal Routes for Electric Vehicles
Analysis and Evaluation of the Slugging Form of Ridesharing
Mapping Spatial Data to RDF: a SPARQL Endpoint for Brussels
Spatiotemporal Braitenberg Vehicles
Efficient Batch Processing of Proximity Queries by Optimized Probing
Supporting Topological Relationship Queries for Complex Line and Collection Geometries in Oracle Spatial
A Filter-and-Refine Approach to Mine Spatiotemporal Co-occurrences
Parameterized Algorithms for Generalized Traveling Salesman Problems in Road Networks
Efficient Proximity Detection among Mobile Objects in Road Networks with Self-Adjustment Methods
Algorithms for Hotspot Computation on Trajectory Data
Finding Competitive Price
Dejavu: An Accurate Energy-Efficient Outdoor Localization System
Routing Directions: Keeping it Fast and Simple
SAC: Semantic Adaptive Caching for Spatial Mobile Applications
GeoRank: An Efficient LocationAware News Feed Ranking System
Spatio-Temporal Characteristics of Bursty Words in Twitter Streams
A GeoSpatial Scientometrics Framework for Measuring the Citation Impact of Publications and Scientists
Large-Scale Joint Map Matching of GPS Traces
Efficient Geometric Graph Matching Using Vertex Embedding
Model-Driven Matching and Segmentation of Trajectories
Morphologically-Aware Elimination of Flat Edges from a TIN
Algorithms for Computing Prominence on Grid Terrains
Efficient Identification and Approximation of k-Nearest Moving Neighbors
A Probablistic Model for Spatio-Temporal Signal Extraction from Social Media
Point-Polygon Topological Relationship Query Using Hierarchical Indices
Edge-Based Locality Sensitive Hashing for Efficient Geo-Fencing Application
Quick Geo-Fencing Using Trajectory Partitioning and Boundary Simplification
A Parallel Spatial Data Analysis Infrastructure for the Cloud
CG_Hadoop: Computational Geometry in MapReduce
Robust and Efficient Polygon Overlay on Parallel Stream Processors
GeoTruCrowd: Trustworthy Query Answering with Spatial Crowdsourcing
Maximizing the Number of Worker's Self-Selected Tasks in Spatial Crowdsourcing
iGSLR: Personalized Geo-Social Location Recommendation - A Kernel Density Estimation Approach
Crowd Sensing of Traffic Anomalies based on Human Mobility and Social Media
Output-Sensitive Well-Separated Pair Decompositions for Dynamic Point Sets
CALBA: Capacity-Aware Location-Based Advertising in Temporary Social Networks
Tag Configuration Matcher for Geo-Tagging
Point of Interest to Region of Interest Conversion
Pathlet Learning for Compressing and Planning Trajectories
Trajectory Based Optimal Segment Computation in Road Network Databases
Orientation Data Correction with Georeferenced Mobile Videos
Efficient Storage and Retrieval of Geo-Referenced Video from Moving Sensors
Using Extrusion to Generate Higher-Dimensional GIS Datasets
Efficient Algorithms for Spatial Skyline Query With Uncertainty
Online, Deviation-Constrained Capacitated Vehicle Routing
Geocoding Scheme for Multimedia in Indoor Space
Accentuating Focus Maps via Partial Schematization
A Privacy-Preserving Location-Based Alert System
Representing Positional Uncertainty of Individual and Aggregated Trajectories of Moving Objects
Weighted Multi-Attribute Matching of User-Generated Points of Interest
Map Matching: Comparison of Approaches Using Sparse and Noisy Data
Mining Large-Scale GPS Streams for Connectivity Refinement of Road Maps
Probabilistic Parking Queries Using Aging Functions
Computing Similarity of Coarse and Irregular Trajectories Using Space-Time Prisms
Segmentation-Based Road Network Construction
A Graph Model for False Negative Handling in Indoor RFID Tracking Data
On Robust Interpretation of Topological Relations in Identity and Tolerance Models
Improving Route Prediction Through User Journey Detection
Image Driven GPS Trace Analysis for Road Map Inference
Map Matching: Facts and Myths
Using Eye Movements to Recognize Activities on Cartographic Maps
Minimal Spatio-Temporal Database Repairs
Locating Lucrative Passengers for Taxicab Drivers
A Spatial Keyword Evaluation Framework for Network-Based Spatial Queries
Safe Step: A Real-Time GPS Tracking and Analysis System for Criminal Activities Using Ankle Bracelets
A Graph-Based Model for the Representation of Land Spaces
Mining Group Movement Patterns
Augmented Navigation in Outdoor Environments
Demonstration of Hadoop-GIS: A Spatial Data Warehousing System Over MapReduce
GeoWhiz: Using Common Categories for Toponym Resolution
Trajectory Based Traffic Analysis
Haze: Privacy-Preserving Real-Time Traffic Statistics
GIVA: A Semantic Framework for Geospatial and Temporal Data Integration, Visualization, and Analytics
Isochrones, Traffic and DEMOgraphics
TrajMetrix: A Trajectory Compression Benchmarking Framework
carpooling Recommendation System Based on Social VANET and Geo-Social Data
Kongress: A Search and Data Mining Application for U.S. Congressional Voting and Twitter Data
Customizable Point-of-Interest Queries in Road Networks
Thrifty Tracking: Online GPS Tracking with Low Data Uplink Usage
Capturing Hotspots For Constrained Indoor Movement
The MGIS: A Minimal Geographic Information System Accessible to Users Who Are Blind
A 3D Geospatial Registration Service for Street Level Co-Visualization of 2D Vector Maps
Consuming Web Services on Mobile Devices for Improved mHealth
Location Recommendation in Location-Based Social Networks Using User Check-in Data
rss and sensor fusion algorithms for indoor location systems on smartphones
a gis-based process for calculating visibility impact from buildings during transmission line routing
the gradual transition of areal objects for smooth zooming
event identification from georeferenced images
stcode - the text encoding algorithm for latitude/longitude/time
estimating completeness of vgi datasets by analyzing community activity over time periods
photographic and geographic databases interfacing by line matching
fast snn-based clustering approach for large geospatial data sets
an image segmentation process enhancement for land cover mapping from very high resolution remote sensing data
making the web of data available via web feature services
encoding and querying historic map content
behaviour-driven development applied to the conformance testing of inspire web services
estimation of building types on openstreetmap based on urban morphology analysis
mining frequent spatio-temporal patterns in wind speed and direction
a recursive bayesian filter for anomalous behavior detection in trajectory data
qualitative representations of extended spatial objects in sketch maps
using gps logs to identify agronomical activities
citybench: a geospatial exploration of comparable cities
routes to remember: comparing verbal instructions and sketch maps
exploring the geographical relations between social media and flood phenomena to improve situational awareness: a study about the river elbe flood in june 2013.
labeling points with sliding labels in interactive maps
assessing the influence of pre-processing methods on raw gps-data for automated change point detection
spatial analysis of fires in vilnius city in 2010–2012
real-time detection of anomalous paths through networks
linking crowdsourced observations with inspire
crowdsourced-based mapping of historical west-to-east routes from the textual accounts of european travelers
using open street maps data and tools for indoor mapping in a smart city scenario
topological structure and travel efficiency of street network created by proximity graphs
spatiotemporal data complexity in electronic airport layout plan and its visualization
augmented reality and gis: on the possibilities and limits of sensor-based ar
queues in ski resort graphs: the ski-optim model
is this twitter event a disaster?
troy is ours – how on earth could clytaemnestra know so fast?
semantic analysis of citizen sensing, crowdsourcing and vgi
planned vs. real city: 3d gis for analyzing the transformation of urban morphology
multi-sensory integration for a digital earth nervous system
a comparative study on vgi and professional noise data
characteristics of citizen-contributed geographic information
little steps towards big goals. using linked data to develop next generation spatial data infrastructures (aka sdi 3.0)
analysing spatiotemporal patterns of antibiotics prescriptions
a flexible framework for assessing the quality of crowdsourced data
applying a ca-based model to explore land-use policy scenarios to contain sprawl in the case of thessaloniki
recitoire: a tool for qualitative surveys involving citizens in urban planning projects
assessment of the integration of geographic information in e-government policy in europe
exploring the market potential for geo-ict companies in relation to inspire
an algorithm for segmenting a feature set into equitable regions
comparing knowledge-driven and data-driven modeling methods for susceptibility mapping in spatial epidemiology: a case study in visceral leishmaniasis
cropland capture: a gaming approach to improve global land cover
influence of point cloud density on the results of automated object-based building extraction from als data
the effects of different verbal route instructions on spatial orientation
orchestrating the spatial planning process: from business process management to 2nd generation planning support systems
estimating moving regions out of point data – from excavation sites in the amazon region to areas of influence of prehistoric cultures
publishing metadata of geospatial indicators as linked open data: a policy-oriented approach
some strategic national initiatives for the swedish education in the geodata field
geosud sdi : accessing earth observation data collections with semantic-based services
a geometric configuration ontology to support spatial querying
vgi edit history reveals data trustworthiness and user reputation
comparative study of land use/cover classification using flickr photos, satellite imagery and corine land cover database
how to visualize the geography of swiss history
workforce demand assessment to shape future gi-education - first results of a survey
qualitative representation of dynamic attributes of trajectories
capability of movement features extracted from gps trajectories for the classification of fine-grained behaviors
towards spatio-temporal data modeling of geo-tagged shipping information
cadastral data integration through linked data
geo-information visualizations of linked data
how do latent orders determine residential dynamics of minorities in east-london?
visualization of uncertain catchment boundaries and its influence on decision making
sos server deployment for sharing environmental sensor data through the otalex-c spatial data infrastructure
wirecloud as new widget technology framework to create unique geospatial web services & open data visualizations
geographic information technologies for analysing the digital footprint of tourists
design of the data transformation architecture for the inspire data model browser
error propagation in a fuzzy logic spatial multi-criteria evaluation
elf geolocator service
enhancing the role of citizen sensors in mapping: cost action td1202
ide-otalex c. the big challenge of the first crossborder sdi between spain and portugal
noise map: professional versus crowdsourced data
sdi strategic planning using the system dynamics technique: a case study in tanzania
a conceptual representation for modelling the synchronization process of complex road networks
evaluation of subjective preferences regarding indoor maps: comparison of schematic maps and floor plans
using crop phenology to assess changes in cultivated land after the anfal genocide in iraqi kurdistan
fuzzy viewshed, probable viewshed, and their use in the analysis of prehistoric monuments placement in western slovakia
usability patterns for geoportals
agile access to sensor network
utilization of nosql database for disaster preparedness
latest developments and activities in the spanish nsdi
a spatial approach to surveying crime-problematic areas at the street level
methods and tools for comparing municipal services with citizens’ expectations through open and volunteered data
towards initiating openlandmap founded on citizens’ science: the current status of land use features of openstreetmap in europe
it’s girls’ day! what sketch maps show about girls’ spatial knowledge
3d building change detection on the basis of airborne laser scanning data
exploring twitter georeferenced data related to flood events: an initial approach
texas panhandle climate change interactive gis web application
data scarcity or low representativeness?: what hinders accuracy and precision of spatial interpolation of climate data?
improving equity of public transportation planning. the case of palma de mallorca (spain)
the cartociudad gamble on open source and value-added services
foodie: farm-oriented open data in europe
Spatial Primitives from a Cognitive Perspective: Sensitivity to Changes in Various Geometric Properties
Transitional Spaces: Between Indoor and Outdoor Spaces
Representing and Reasoning about Changing Spatial Extensions of Geographic Features
Trust and Reputation Models for Quality Assessment of Human Sensor Observations
Using maptrees to characterize topological change
Resolving Conceptual Mode Confusion with Qualitative Spatial Knowledge in Human-Robot Interaction
Event Recognition During the Exploration of Line-Based Graphics in Virtual Haptic Environments
Cognitive Transactions - A Communication Model
Strategy-Based Dynamic Real-Time Route Prediction
An Affordance-based Simulation Framework for Assessing Spatial Suitability
A Probabilistic Framework for Object Descriptions in Indoor Route Instructions
Linked Data and Time – Modeling Researcher Life Lines by Events
Human Spatial Behavior, Sensor Informatics, and Disaggregate (Deep) Big Data
Comparing expert and non-expert conceptualisations of the land: an analysis of crowdsourced land cover data
The Meanings of the Generic Parts of Toponyms: Use and Limitations of Gazetteers in Studies of Landscape Terms
Creating a corpus of geospatial natural language
From Descriptions to Depictions: A Conceptual Framework
Reading Geography Between the Lines: Extracting Local Place Knowledge from Text
Modeling Spatial Knowledge from Verbal Descriptions
A Computational Model for Reference Object Selection in Spatial Relations
Fundamental Cognitive Concepts of Space and Time: Using Cross-Linguistic, Crowdsourced Data to Cognitively Calibrate Modes of Overlap
Kinds of Full Physical Containment
A Vocabulary of Topological and Containment Relations for a Practical Biological Ontology
A Geo-Ontology Design Pattern for Semantic Trajectories
RCC and the Theory of Simple Regions in R2
The logic of NEAR and FAR
The Topology of Spatial Scenes
Algebraic Properties of Qualitative Spatio-Temporal Calculi
Early warning systems for detecting illegal development in fast growing regions
A Model Base Based Grid Workflow Expertise Logical Validation Solution for Quantitative Remote Sensing Retrieval
An Equation for Identifying the Candidate Set of Eigenvectors From Which Ones Are Selected when Constructing an Eigenvector Spatial Filter
Assessing Continuous Demand Representation in Coverage Modeling
pRPL 2.0 Improving the Parallel Raster Processing Library
Optimising an Agent-Based Model to Explore the Behaviour of Simulated Burglars
Modelling the Avian Influenza H5N1 Virus Infection in Human and Analyzing its Evolution in China
Introducing the GWmodel R and python packages for modelling spatial heterogeneity
HiGIS - When GIS Meets HPC
The Spatial Analysis of Short-term Population Movements with Social Media Data
Dynamic Microsimulation Modelling for National Infrastructure Demand in an Uncertain Future
Why Can the Image of the City Be Formed
Geocomputation over the Emerging Heterogeneous Computing Infrastructure
Pragmatics Driven Web Service Integration Based on Behavior -Intention Model
Use of Agent-based Simulation Data in Assessing the Inferential Power of Statistical Methods
Multi Agent-Based Simulation of the influences of government's policies on the regional economic development
A Hybrid Indexing and Ranking Approach to Enhance Geospatial Semantic Search
Detecting daily commuting distance from GPS trajectory
On the Change-of-Support Problem for Areal Data A Geostatistical Inverse Modeling Approach
Twitter geodemographic analysis of ethnicity and identity in Greater London
Mapping Planet Earth in ESSG CTA Model and Global Spatial Data Visualization
Direction-based Qualitative Locations
A Compound-type Neighborhood Cellular Automata Model for Land Use Dynamics
Simulating land-use degradation in West Africa with the ALADYN model
Heterogeneity Classification and Structural Analysis with Geometrical Characteristics
Parallel Strategy of Peak Identification Algorithm Based on Region Growing Method
A MPI Parallel Algorithm for the Maximum Flow Problem
Aitso: an artificial immune systems tool for spatial optimization
A Multilane Roads Detection Approach for Urban Transport Skeleton Knowledge Discovery
Model of land use spatial optimization based on a knowledge guide genetic algorithm
Simulation of the Spatial-temporal Evolution of Coal Supply and Demand Based on Multi-agent
Detecting Emerging Space-Time Crime Patterns by Prospective STSS
Constructing the Historical Database of Administrative Division
Classification and Evaluation on Urban Sprawl Quality in Future Shenzhen Based on SOFM
Markov Chain Topological Route Selection
Improving the Accuracy of Geo-Processing through a Combinative Computation Method
Spatial Downscaling of TRMM Precipitation Using DEM and NDVI in the Yarlung Zangbo River Basin
Pattern Matching Via Sequence Alignment Analysing Spatio-Temporal Distances
Computational Environmental Epidemiology: Searching for Possible Associations between Maternal Exposure to Toxic Air Pollutants and Malformation in Offspring
A General Framework for Real-Time Geocollaboration Spatial Behavior Lock Graph
Design and Implementation of Parallel Algorithm Used in Validating Topology Based on MPI
An improvement research of LCM----a rainstorm and flooding model
A MapReduce-based Multiple Flow Direction Runoff Simulation
Watermarking Algorithm Based on Invisible Unicode Characters for GIS Attribute Database
Automatic Recognition and Resolution of Line Symbol Spatial Conflict in Cartography Based on Elastic Beams Model
Monitoring land cover change in RUFAs A novel approach based on the VIS model and change indicators
An Algorithm of Euclidean Distance Transform in the Presence of Obstacles
Simulating Relief Resource Distribution Strategies in Urban Settings
Leaving the Ivory Tower of a System Theory From Geosimulation of Parking Search to Urban Parking Policy-Making
Improving forecasting under missing data on sparse spatial networks
Travel Demand Modelling Of Electric Mobility-Standpoints of Existing Approaches
A toponym-based dual vector for topical relevance calculation in focused spatial crawling
Capacity-Constrained Network-Voronoi Diagram An Extended Abstract
Estimating Intersection Delays in City Networks with Floating Car Data A Boosting Approach
Simulation of spatio-temporal land use pattern based on LISA-Markov model
Modeling Visit Probabilities within Space-Time Prisms in Continuous Space and Time using Truncated Brownian Bridges
Spatiotemporal analysis on imbalance of mobile phone network
An Improved Geographically and Temporally Weighted Regression Model with a Novel Weight Matrix
A framework to mine significant association patterns from climate time series
Modelling farmland conversion integrating multi-agent systems and resource economics theory
Simulating fire spread in a community using an agent-based model
A simple and effective method for detecting phenological change from time series of vegetation index
Building a high performance ArcGIS cluster and its application to climate data processing
MODIS-based Corn Mapping in the Midwest US - Generalization of Image Classification across Time
Handling Dependence of Spatial Clustering on Scale
Eigenvector Selection for Eigenvector Spatial Filtering
An Exploratory Spatial Data Analysis of Preterm Birth Prevalence in Georgia, USA, 1995-2010
Quantitative Analysis of Terrain Texture from DEMs Based on Grey Level Co-occurrence Matrix
RSSN A High Throughput Geocomputing Platform for Remote Sensing Quantitative Retrieval and its Task Scheduling Sub-System
The Mechanism of Remote Sensing Models Integration and Sharing
Parallel Spatiotemporal Algorithm
Incremental Maintenance of Discovered Spatial Association Rules
Geographical Workflow System over HPC Clusters Based on MPI
Parallel Geospatial Raster Processing by Geospatial Data Abstraction Library (GDAL) - Applicability and Defects
View-dependently topological LOD for terrain morphology
R Programs for Spatio-temporal Modeling
Comparison of Fuzzy Arithmetic and Stochastic Simulation for Uncertainty Propagation in Slope Analysis
An Analysis for Tourism Market Area of Chinese District
Multi-Agent-based Simulation on the Evolution and Development of Chinese Regional Economy with Technology and Capital Diffusion
A Novel Method for Earth Surface Modelling and Its Applications
An agent-based model of urban expansion
DEM-based Ecological Rainfall-Runoff Modelling in Mountainous Area of Hong Kong
Updating Categorical Soil Map with Limited Survey Data by Bayesian Markov Chain Co-Simulation
Using spatial autocorrelation and spatial autoregressive models to analyze the spatial pattern of aerosol optical depth and the affecting factors
Application of Hilbert-Huang Transform in Methane Concentration
A hierarchical optimization model for land resource allocation based on genetic algorithm and game theory
Parallel Algorithm for Calculating Cost Distance of Raster Data
An Empirical Mode Decomposition Method for Automated Line Generalization
System Design of a Simulation System for Hazardous Chemicals Leakage
A Fast Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm for Land-use Allocation
Cloud GIS Theory, Method and Practice
Constructing the Historical Database of Administrative Division
A Middleware for Integrating Wireless Sensor Networks with the Sensor Web
A Land Use Spatial Allocation Model based on Ant Colony Optimization
A Dynamic Data Partition Algorithm Oriented to MPI+OpenMP
Important topics critical to thermal infrared remote sensing in arid regions
Solutions to boundary error problem of HASM
Symbolisation of 3D city models for online visualisation
Spatial modeling of urban sprawl using remote sensing images in Wuhan, China
Point collection partitioning in MongoDB Cluster
Watermarking Algorithm Based on Invisible Unicode Characters for GIS Attribute Database
Geo-statistic based sample size optimization for regional soil organic carbon mapping in North-East China
Spatio-temporal data model for landslide dynamic simulation
General neighborhood analysis model for grid DEM on CUDA
Parallel LOD building for large scale terrain visualization
Aligning Orthophotographs Taken with Low Altitude UAV above Traffic Intersections
Uses of Lattice Space-Time Field in Irregular Transportation Network Constraint Space
Geo-objects, Image-objects and Their Relations A Geospatial Cognition Perspective
A Method of Measuring Shape Similarity between multi-scale objects
A Heterogeneous Web Service Integration Method Based-on Semantic Matching
Handling Dependence of Spatial Clustering on Scale
The research on the design and implementation of map elements classification for Mapworld of Nanjing (middle school edition)
The Studies of Urban Planning Administration Support System Based on Public Interest Sensitivity the Case Analyses of Nanjing City in the View of New Public Service
Linear Cartograms with Fixed Vertex Locations
Wayfinding Decision Situations: A Conceptual Model and Evaluation
An Indoor Navigation Ontology for Production Assets in a Production Environment
Linked Data - A Paradigm Shift for GIScience
Map Schematization with Circular Arcs
Spatial weights: constructing weight-compatible exchange matrices from proximity matrices
Fields as a Generic Data Type for Big Spatial Data
Integrating Sensing and Routing for Indoor Evacuation
Spatial graphs cost and efficiency: exploring edges competition by MCMC
Practical Approaches to Partially Guarding a Polyhedral Terrain
Re-envisioning data description using Peirce's Pragmatics
Automatic Itinerary Reconstruction from Texts
RCC*-9 and CBM*
An Ontology Pattern for Surface Water Features
Oriented Regions for Linearly Conceptualized Features
Location oblivious privacy protection for group nearest neighbor queries
Data Quality Assurance in Volunteered Geographic Information
Understanding Information Requirements in ‘Text Only’ Pedestrian Wayfinding Systems
3D network spatialization: Does it add depth to 2D representations of semantic proximity?
Logic Scoring of Preference and Spatial MultiCriteria Evaluation for Urban Residential Land Use Analysis
Significant Route Discovery: A Summary of Results
A sensitivity analysis of Step-Selection Functions - the effect of model parameters on the relationship between animal movement and the environment
Geosemantic Network-of-Interest Construction Using Social Media Data
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