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Run play with failure notification from within TeamCity
::this script should be with homedir equal to where your play project resides
CALL C:\Tools\play-1.2.4\play.bat auto-test
::import selenium test results if needed
::See this git for information and to obtain this tool:
@ECHO Import selenium test results (if any)
call C:\Tools\play-1.2.4\SeleniumDataImporter\PlaySeleniumDataImporter.exe
::verify that the unit tests have been ran
@IF EXIST test-result\result.passed @(
@ECHO Play tests returned .passed file
@IF EXIST test-result\result.failed @(
@ECHO Play tests returned .failed file
@ECHO Compiling Play Framework project failed! No tests output exists in \test-result\ folder. See build log for details. 1>&2

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@crunchie84 crunchie84 commented Apr 20, 2012

This script is to be used from within TeamCity to compile Play Framework (1.2.4) projects. It fixes the exit code to be non-zero if something goes wrong.

For useage see this blogpost:

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