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Created Aug 9, 2017

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Setup Chrome Devtools

Debugging a Kiosk App

In "Device Management > Chrome Management > Device Settings" under "Enrollment and Access" set "Forced Re-enrollment" to "Device is not forced to re-enroll after wiping".

Reboot device into Developer Mode (See device specific instructions here).

Normally this is done by holding the recovery button down during a reboot, and at the Recovery screen press Ctrl-D (there's no prompt - you have to know to do it). It will ask you to confirm, then reboot into dev-mode.

Configure the networking details and accepts terms, but DON'T LOG IN YET.

At the login screen press Ctrl-Alt-E to enroll the device.

When the app boots up press Ctrl-Alt-S to get back to the login screen. And login.

Press Ctrl-Alt-T to get to the terminal. Run the following commands:

bash <(curl -s -S -L

Follow the prompts, you may have to reboot a few times. You may want to call ifconfig after getting the dev tools loaded, the device may have more than one NIC with a different IP.

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