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Add Bio-Formats to a SciJava Jupyter notebook
#@ImageJ ij
// -- Functions --
registerAndCreatePlugin = { pluginClass, pluginType ->
info = new org.scijava.plugin.PluginInfo(pluginClass, pluginType)
registerService = { serviceClass ->
service = registerAndCreatePlugin(serviceClass, org.scijava.service.Service.class)
// -- Add Bio-Formats support --
#@dependency(group = "io.scif", module = "scifio-bf-compat", version = "2.0.3")
#@dependency(group = "ome", module = "formats-gpl", version = "5.5.2")
bff = registerAndCreatePlugin(, io.scif.Format.class)
// -- Load something! --
myAwesomeData ="/path/to/myAwesomeImageThatOnlyBioFormatsCanRead")

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@ctrueden ctrueden commented Jun 22, 2017

The above snippet should work for SciJava Jupyter Kernel version 0.4.0.

Future versions of the kernel will improve matters. If you are reading this and the date stamp above is old, please be aware that this gist has probably become obsolete. :-)

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