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app_reviews_df = pd.DataFrame(app_reviews)
app_reviews_df.to_csv('reviews.csv', index=None, header=True)
View ds-app-review.json
"appId": "com.anydo",
"at": "2020-04-05 22:25:57",
"content": "Update: After getting a response from the developer I would change my rating to 0 stars if possible. These guys hide behind confusing and opaque terms and refuse to budge at all. I'm so annoyed that my money has been lost to them! Really terrible customer experience. Original: Be very careful when signing up for a free trial of this app. If you happen to go over they automatically charge you for a full years subscription and refuse to refund. Terrible customer experience and the app is just OK.",
"repliedAt": "2020-04-07 14:09:03",
"replyContent": "Our policy and TOS are completely transparent and can be found in the Help Center and our main page. In addition, a payment can only be made upon the user's authorization via the app and Google Play. We provide users with a full 7 days trial to test the app with an additional 48 hours for a refund, along with priority support for all issues.",
"reviewCreatedVersion": "",
app_reviews = []
for ap in tqdm(app_packages):
for score in list(range(1, 6)):
for sort_order in [Sort.MOST_RELEVANT, Sort.NEWEST]:
rvs, _ = reviews(
app_infos_df = pd.DataFrame(app_infos)
app_infos_df.to_csv('apps.csv', index=None, header=True)
def format_title(title):
sep_index = title.find(':') if title.find(':') != -1 else title.find('-')
if sep_index != -1:
title = title[:sep_index]
return title[:10]
fig, axs = plt.subplots(2, len(app_infos) // 2, figsize=(14, 5))
for i, ax in enumerate(axs.flat):
ai = app_infos[i]
View ds-app-info.json
"adSupported": null,
"androidVersion": "Varies",
"androidVersionText": "Varies with device",
"appId": "com.anydo",
"containsAds": null,
"contentRating": "Everyone",
"contentRatingDescription": null,
"currency": "USD",
"description": "<b>\ud83c\udfc6 Editor's Choice by Google</b>\r\n\r\ is a To Do List, Calendar, Planner, Tasks & Reminders App That Helps Over 25M People Stay Organized and Get More Done.\r\n\r\n<b>\ud83e\udd47 \"It\u2019s A MUST HAVE PLANNER & TO DO LIST APP\" (NYTimes, USA TODAY, WSJ & Lifehacker).</b>\r\n\r\ is a free to-do list, planner & calendar app for managing and organizing your daily tasks, to-do lists, notes, reminders, checklists, calendar events, grocery lists and more.\r\n\r\n\ud83d\udcc5 Organize Your Tasks & To-Do List in Seconds\r\n\r\n\u2022 ADVANCED CALENDAR & DAILY PLANNER - Keep your to-do list and calendar events always at hand with our calendar widget. to-do list & planner support daily calendar view, 3-day Calendar view, Weekly cal
def print_json(json_object):
json_str = json.dumps(
print(highlight(json_str, JsonLexer(), TerminalFormatter()))
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