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Cursive Macroexpander
The other new feature is an interactive macroexpander. It requires a REPL to perform
the actual expansion, with the current namespace loaded into it. Start by executing
Tools->REPL->View Macro Expansion. This will select the nearest surrounding macro
form and display it in a popup window. You can move the cursor anywhere within the
form and either click the right arrow in the toolbar or use Ctrl/Cmd-right - this
will expand the nearest surrounding macro form and all forms above it up to the
top displayed form - the cursor will be left at the start of the innermost form
that was actually expanded. Give it a try, it’s less confusing than it sounds!
There are also various controls in the toolbar for various sorts of prettification -
you can show and hide metadata, tidy up referred vars and imported classes etc. This
expander should be much more accurate than most, it correctly maintains &env when
expanding and does its best with metadata. Currently this only works for Clojure
macros, but I’ll add support for expanding ClojureScript macros soon.
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