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Created Jul 18, 2020
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import "@/zoom/zoom.client";
export default {
name: "Zoom",
props: {
nickname: String,
meetingId: String,
email: String,
password: String,
role: String
mounted () {
// Init meetingConfig with event bus
const meetingConfig = this.$MeetingCfg(
this.meetingId, this.nickname,, this.password, this.role
const ZoomMtg = this.$ZoomMtg;
// create the signature
const signature = ZoomMtg.generateSignature({
meetingNumber: this.meetingId,
apiKey: meetingConfig.apiKey,
apiSecret: meetingConfig.apiSecret,
role: meetingConfig.role,
success: function (res) {
meetingConfig.signature = res.result;
// init zoom!
leaveUrl: meetingConfig.leaveUrl,
webEndpoint: meetingConfig.webEndpoint,
success: function () {
// join!
meetingNumber: meetingConfig.meetingNumber,
userName: meetingConfig.userName,
signature: signature,
apiKey: meetingConfig.apiKey,
userEmail: meetingConfig.userEmail,
passWord: meetingConfig.passWord,
success: function (res) {
success: function (res) {
console.log("success getCurrentUser", res.result.currentUser);
error: function (res) {
error: function (res) {

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@Marthianfred Marthianfred commented Sep 16, 2020

intente replicar tu codigo de ejemplo lastimosamente... me devuelve este error
zoomus-websdk.umd.min.js?478e:2 Uncaught ReferenceError: $ is not defined
at Object.eval (zoomus-websdk.umd.min.js?478e:2)

algo referente a jQuery segun los foros.. pero creeme ya inclui jquery en el codigo sin resultado..
crees posible compartir el folder con el proyecto y ver asi que me falta=????

de antemano gracias

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