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{!! FormFacade::model($model, ['route' => $route, 'method' => 'Post']) !!}
<div class="form-row mx-n15">
<div class="col-md-6 mb-3 px-15">
<label for="note" class="il-gray fs-14 fw-500 align-center">{{ __("Nota") }}</label>
{!! FormFacade::input(
'class' => 'form-control ih-medium ip-light radius-xs b-light' . ($errors->has('note') ? ' is-invalid' : null),
'id' => 'note',
'placeholder' => __("Escribe una nota"),
'minlength' => 2,
'required' => true
@error("note")<div class="invalid-feedback">{{ $errors->first("note") }}</div>@enderror
@include("partials.form_crud_submit_buttons", ["route" => route('backend.notes.index')])
{{ FormFacade::close() }}
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