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Hackathon Count
2015 (1)
1. Hack the North GeoConnect
2016 (13)
2. UofT Hacks WordMix
3. WearHacks Toronto Re-Hack-Ilation
4. Flybits Context Camp MinoTour People's Choice Awards
5. Fishackathon Toronto FinTech 1st
6. HackHalton LoKee (Local Keeper)
7. Connected Labs: Watson IoT
8. MaxQ Hackathon ------ 1st
9. Hack the 6ix SentiMint Top 6
10. HackOn(Data) Wattpad Statistics
11. Hack the North AgriGate Winner (tied with 12 teams)
12. Hack Western CapitalU
13. Toronto Climathon TTEZ People's Choice
14. Climate Hack2Action CatchIt! 1st
2017 (6)
15. Pennapps XV: Ad Astra Alphabet Soup
16. Dementia Hacks WaveBank
17. MHacks 9 Recap 2nd
18. Hack the 6ix Musr
19. Pennapps XVI: Codevert Ops HomePoint
20. Hack the North Open Eye
2018 (3)
21. Terrible Hack XI DabCoin Winner (D E C E N T R A L I Z E D)
22. AdrenaLAN FightVR Best VR/AR Hack
23. Hack the North PyPiper
2019 (3)
24. Hack the 6ix Messenger Summarizer Top 10
25. Hack the North Complete Winner (tied with 13 teams)
26. YC 2019 November Hackathon Hyperdoc 1st
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