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Job Title: WordPress Developer

Reports to: Director of Web Development

Position Summary: Applicant is expected to manage existing request tickets for partners and be involved in ongoing development efforts as we build out sites for partners.

Location: North America preferred. Most of the team is on EST or CST. Your direct manager would be on PST.

Required Experience

  • 1 - 3 years WordPress experience building sites in an agency setting or for clients
  • Experience with WordPress, jQuery, PHP, HTML, CSS

Bonus Experience

  • Genesis theme development
  • Bootstrap
  • Git and deployment strategies
  • Wrike experience an asset

Essential Functions

  • Professional manner
  • Proficiency with WordPress
  • Write, QA and maintain code using WordPress best practices
  • Build with mobile first mentality
  • Prioritize requests from clients and internal teams based on timelines provided
  • Excellent communication required as we are a remote team
  • Able to follow coding practices and standards

Success Factors

  • Able to recognize and report bigger issues in code and site functionality so the team can address issues
  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to grow as we work together to develop your own plan for success

Company Culture

Markentum is a company that respects your family. Kids may pop into meetings, you may sleep in because the baby was up all night. You may need extra time off to take kids to appointments or because your aging parents need extra support. This is expected.

We love to work with our long term care partner so that they can serve their clients and help them live fulfilled lives in their later years. You'll be part of a team a that helps these long term care facilities serve their clients well by having a site that works well.

It's also expected that you spend work time on your own education to help you be better at your job. We can provide subscriptions to Lynda, Code Academy, or even a University Course if that's what we need to do to help you be excellent at your job.

Your manager will help you build an individual growth plan and enable you to execute on it so that you become better at your job and have autonomy in doing it.

We also have a monthly book club, virtual meetup, and some people even craft on Zoom together. Yup this is considered work time and you can participate in the craft or book club...or not based on what suits you.

Interview and Application Expectations

  • initial call likely tending towards EST or PST but if you have family/job stuff that makes it not work for an interview let us know
  • Second call with team (2 people)
  • small paid coding project because not everyone has extra time to have a GitHub profile or a bunch of public code
    • we can figure out a decent timeframe for delivery that works for both of us
  • An offer or not for the position

To apply email:

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