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virtualenvwrapper Cheat Sheet

local setting

source /home/tao/.local/bin/
pip install virtualenvwrapper --user #make everything locally!!

vim, zsh is very hard to install locally without sudo permission.


export PATH="/home/hut/miniconda3/bin:$PATH"
export VIRTUALENVWRAPPER_PYTHON="/usr/bin/python2"
source "/usr/local/bin/"   
maybe /usr/share/virtualenvwrapper/
(找不到此文件则用 find / -name 来搜索)

Create a virtual env

mkvirtualenv --python=`which python3` <vir_env_name>

List Virtual Environments

lsvirtualenv -b

Change Virtual Environments

workon <vir_env_name>

List site packages


Exit the Virtual Environments


Remove Virtual Environment

rmvirtualenv <vir_env_name>
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