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Created Jul 22, 2019

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$ perl6 --freeze foo.p6
creates foo.moarvm, <mangled_name_of_dependency_encoding_auth_and_ver>.pm6.moarvm, ...
$ perl6 --run-frozen foo.moarvm
run frozen code
pamplemousse already did a lot of what's necessary for this
what's missing is a CU repo that looks for the precompiled dependencies created above
$ perl6 --pack-frozen foo.moarvm *.pm6.moarvm
create executable which will need an installed rakudo to run
also already implemented to some degree by pamplemousse
$ perl6 --fatpack-frozen foo.moarvm *.pm6.moarvm
create executable that will work without rakudo installed, ie it needs to also
pack moarvm, the nqp and perl6 runtime, the setting...
$ perl6 --fatpack foo.p6
go from foo.p6 to standalone executable in single step
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