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obs recording settings
When using OBS for recording, make sure you're not resizing the output.
With OBS you can simply record to an mp4, upload that mp4, and edit it in youtubes editor.
In OBS there's a few settings you should set for quality.
Video->Base Resolution should be the same as 'output resolution'. 60fps preferred.
Output->Output Mode(at the top) = Advanced
Output->Recording and set your 'recording format' to mp4. Under encoder you can set nvidia (gpu fast) or x264 (cpu).
If Nvidia, set: ratecontrol=cqp, cqplevel=16, preset=max quality, profile=high, bframes=2
if x264: ratecontrol=crf, crf=18, cpuusage=superfast, profile=high
optional: fileAdvanced->Video:ColorFormat to I444, color space 709, color range partial
- This will make the recordings colors look proper but Youtube will convert it down to I420 anyways. Useful for if you're editing things.
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