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script output
Complete documentation for at
Basic usage: -i in_fl -o out_fl
-c dfl_lvl Compression deflate level (default )
-d dbg_lvl Debugging level (default 0)
-g gdl_flg GDAL translates ENVI to netCDF (default No)
-I drc_in Input directory (empty means none) (default )
-i in_fl Input filename (default whiteReference_raw)
-j job_nbr Job simultaneity for parallelism (default 2)
-n nco_opt NCO options (empty means none) (default -O --no_tmp_fl)
-O drc_out Output directory (default /Users/zender)
-o out_fl Output-file (empty copies Input filename) (default whiteReference.nc4)
-p par_typ Parallelism type (default )
-u unq_sfx Unique suffix (prevents intermediate files from sharing names) (default .pid63419.tmp)
-x xpt_flg Experimental (default No)
Examples: -i test_raw -o test.nc4 -I ~/drc_in -O ~/drc_out
ls *_raw | -O ~/drc_out
CZ Debug: -i ${DATA}/terraref/whiteReference_raw -O ${DATA}/terraref > ~/terraref.out 2>&1 & -I ${DATA}/terraref -O ${DATA}/terraref > ~/terraref.out 2>&1 & -I /projects/arpae/terraref/raw_data/lemnatec_field -O /projects/arpae/terraref/outputs/lemnatec_field > ~/terraref.out 2>&1 & -i ${DATA}/terraref/MovingSensor/SWIR/2016-03-05/2016-03-05__09-46_17_450/8d54accb-0858-4e31-aaac-e021b31f3188_raw -o -O ~/rgr > ~/terraref.out 2>&1 & -i ${DATA}/terraref/MovingSensor/VNIR/2016-03-05/2016-03-05__09-46_17_450/72235cd1-35d5-480a-8443-14281ded1a63_raw -o -O ~/rgr > ~/terraref.out 2>&1 &
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