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zns1-n2@root:~ # zpool get all
dpool1 size 146T -
dpool1 capacity 11% -
dpool1 altroot - default
dpool1 health ONLINE -
dpool1 guid 1317478406107011791 default
dpool1 version - default
dpool1 bootfs - default
dpool1 delegation on default
dpool1 autoreplace on local
dpool1 cachefile /opt/HAC/RSF-1/etc/volume-cache/dpool1.cache-live local
dpool1 failmode panic local
dpool1 listsnapshots off default
dpool1 autoexpand off default
dpool1 dedupditto 0 default
dpool1 dedupratio 1.00x -
dpool1 free 129T -
dpool1 allocated 17.1T -
dpool1 readonly off -
dpool1 comment - default
dpool1 expandsize - -
dpool1 freeing 12.8T default
dpool1 fragmentation 15% -
dpool1 leaked 0 default
dpool1 feature@async_destroy active local
dpool1 feature@empty_bpobj active local
dpool1 feature@lz4_compress active local
dpool1 feature@multi_vdev_crash_dump enabled local
dpool1 feature@spacemap_histogram active local
dpool1 feature@enabled_txg active local
dpool1 feature@hole_birth active local
dpool1 feature@extensible_dataset enabled local
dpool1 feature@embedded_data active local
dpool1 feature@bookmarks enabled local
dpool1 feature@filesystem_limits enabled local
dpool1 feature@large_blocks enabled local
rpool size 464G -
rpool capacity 14% -
rpool altroot - default
rpool health ONLINE -
rpool guid 6597806675657519498 default
rpool version - default
rpool bootfs rpool/ROOT/omnios-1 local
rpool delegation on default
rpool autoreplace off default
rpool cachefile - default
rpool failmode wait default
rpool listsnapshots off default
rpool autoexpand off default
rpool dedupditto 0 default
rpool dedupratio 1.00x -
rpool free 395G -
rpool allocated 68.7G -
rpool readonly off -
rpool comment - default
rpool expandsize - -
rpool freeing 0 default
rpool fragmentation 8% -
rpool leaked 0 default
rpool feature@async_destroy enabled local
rpool feature@empty_bpobj active local
rpool feature@lz4_compress active local
rpool feature@multi_vdev_crash_dump enabled local
rpool feature@spacemap_histogram active local
rpool feature@enabled_txg active local
rpool feature@hole_birth active local
rpool feature@extensible_dataset enabled local
rpool feature@embedded_data active local
rpool feature@bookmarks enabled local
rpool feature@filesystem_limits enabled local
rpool feature@large_blocks enabled local
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