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Chris Corbyn d11wtq

  • Melbourne, Australia
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d11wtq / functional_ruby.rb
Created Mar 25, 2013
Lists, and the concept of "head" and "tail", coupled with recursion are at the core of functional programming. This demonstrates how you can do it in Ruby, without ever writing a loop.
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# foldl() is fundamental. With a fold, you can do everything else.
def foldl(list, acc, &fn)
if list == [] # base case, return the accumulator
head, *tail = list
foldl(tail,, head), &fn) #recurse on the remainder
View kitchen.erl
%% @doc This implements a kitchen fridge that you can put things into
%% and take them out.
%% It is stateful, through the use of recursion.
%% I opted for the sets module only because I wanted to try it.
%% Using the sets module has the side-effect that you can only store
%% one of each food item in the fridge.
-export([new/0, store/2, take/2]).
d11wtq / calc.erl
Last active Dec 15, 2015
Reverse Polish Notation Calculator in Erlang
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%% @doc Reverse Polish Notation Calculator.
%% Parses expressions like "1 2 3 + -" = -4
%% This is an exercise in Learn You some Erlang for Great Good,
%% however I didn't read the text and just implemented it.
%% I guess understanding stack-based parsing helps here.
d11wtq / time.rb
Created Mar 20, 2013
Like Timecop, but simpler.
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class Time
class << self
attr_accessor :mock_time
def now_with_mock_time
@mock_time || now_without_mock_time
alias_method_chain :now, :mock_time
View gc.rb
class Sidekiq::Middleware::Server::GC
def call(worker, msg, queue)
d11wtq / ansi_color_test.rb
Created Oct 28, 2012
ANSI Color Test Script
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class AnsiColorTest
FG = 38
BG = 48
class << self
def label(n, type)
"\033[01;#{type};5;#{n}m %3s \033[0m" % n
def dump256
View dm-transactions-patch.rb
module DataMapper
class Transaction
def link_with_master_slave(*things)
things = things.collect do |t|
case t
when DataMapper::Adapters::MasterSlaveAdapter
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d11wtq / caching.txt
Created Aug 14, 2012
An awesome caching proxy should...
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Imagine something like:
var http = require('http')
, cache = require('cache')
var options = {
ignoreCookies: true,
cacheStatics: 300 // 5 minutes, unless an explicit cache-control header is given
View fibs.scm
(define (each-fib fn)
((next (lambda (a b)
(fn a)
(next b (+ a b)))))
(next 0 1)))
(define (take-n-fibs n)
(lambda (return)
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