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import{ByteArrayInputStream, ByteArrayOutputStream, File, PrintStream}
import coursier._
import org.scalafmt.Versions
import scala.collection.immutable.Nil
import scala.collection.mutable
import scala.language.reflectiveCalls
import scala.util.{Failure, Success}
import scalaz.{\/, \/-}
import scalaz.concurrent.Task
class FetchError(errors: Seq[(Dependency, Seq[String])]) extends Exception(errors.toString())
sealed abstract class ScalafmtBootstrap(val cli: org.scalafmt.bootstrap.ScalafmtCli) {
def main(array: Seq[String]): Unit = {
def format(code: String): String = {
val baos = new ByteArrayOutputStream()
val workingDirectory = new File("").getAbsolutePath
val ctx = cli.main(
new ByteArrayInputStream(code.getBytes()),
new PrintStream(baos),
new PrintStream(new ByteArrayOutputStream()),
new String(baos.toByteArray)
object ScalafmtBootstrap {
private val cliCache =
mutable.Map.empty[String, Either[Throwable, ScalafmtBootstrap]]
def fromVersion(version: String): Either[Throwable, ScalafmtBootstrap] =
cliCache.getOrElseUpdate(version, fromVersionUncached(version))
def fromVersionUncached(version: String): Either[Throwable, ScalafmtBootstrap] = {
val start =
Resolution(Set(Dependency(Module("com.geirsson", "scalafmt-cli_2.11"), version)))
val repositories =
MavenRepository("") :: {
// ivy2 local is only necessary when testing the sbt plugin on a locally
// published version of scalafmt. See
// for a potential error caused by resolving fron ivy2 local (I can't reproduce the
// error so this is a wild guess).
if (sys.props.contains("scalafmt.scripted")) Cache.ivy2Local :: Nil
else Nil
val logger = new TermDisplay(new OutputStreamWriter(System.err))
logger.init(System.err.println("Downloading scalafmt artifacts..."))
val fetch = Fetch.from(repositories, Cache.fetch(logger = Some(logger)))
val resolution =
val errors: Seq[(Dependency, Seq[String])] = resolution.errors
if (errors.nonEmpty) Left(new FetchError(errors))
else {
val localArtifacts: Seq[FileError \/ File] =
val urls = localArtifacts.collect {
case \/-(file) => file.toURI.toURL
val classLoader = new URLClassLoader(urls.toArray, null)
val reflectiveDynamicAccess = new org.scalafmt.bootstrap.ReflectiveDynamicAccess(classLoader)
val loadedClass =
.createInstanceFor[org.scalafmt.bootstrap.ScalafmtCli]("org.scalafmt.cli.Cli$", Nil)
loadedClass match {
case Success(cli) => Right(new ScalafmtBootstrap(cli) {})
case Failure(e) => Left(e)
def main(args: Seq[String]): Unit = {
fromVersion(Versions.nightly) match {
case Right(cli) => cli.main(args)
case Left(e) => throw e
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