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Created Jun 19, 2021
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Adding links to objects in v7
license: mit

The above example is intended to demonstrate adding a hyperlink to an object (the rectangle) and instructing the text object to be transparent to the pointer so that the link on the rectangle is recognised 'through' the text.

This is one of the code samples for the update to the book D3 Tips and Tricks to version 7 of d3.js.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<meta charset="utf-8">
<!-- load the d3.js library -->
<script src=""></script>
var width = 449;
var height = 249;
var word = "gongoozler";
var holder ="body")
.attr("width", width)
.attr("height", height);
// draw a rectangle
.attr("xlink:href", ""+word)
.attr("x", 100)
.attr("y", 50)
.attr("height", 100)
.attr("width", 200)
.style("fill", "lightgreen")
.attr("rx", 10)
.attr("ry", 10);
// draw text on the screen
.attr("x", 200)
.attr("y", 100)
.style("fill", "black")
.style("font-size", "20px")
.attr("dy", ".35em")
.attr("text-anchor", "middle")
.style("pointer-events", "none")
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