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Created Feb 26, 2012 — forked from jupiterjs/$
$.Controller for Alex MacCaw's Book
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  • show .models() method and hookup

$.Controller - jQuery plugin factory

JavaScriptMVC's controllers are many things. They are a jQuery plugin factory. They can be used as a traditional view, making pagination widgets and grid controls. Or, they can be used as a traditional controller, initializing and controllers and hooking them up to models. Mostly, controller's are a really great way of organizing your application's code.

Controllers provide a number of handy features such as:

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Created Feb 8, 2012 — forked from jupiterjs/$
$.View for Alex MacCaw's Book
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$.View - Client Side Templates

JavaScriptMVC's views are really just client side templates. Client side templates take data and return a string. Typically, the strings are HTML intended to be inserted into the DOM.

$.View is a templating interface that takes care of complexities using templates:

  • Convenient and uniform syntax
  • Template loading from html elements or external files
  • Synchronous or asynchronous template loading
  • Template preloading
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Created Feb 5, 2012 — forked from jupiterjs/
JavaScriptMVC Overview

The following is a VERY rough draft of an article I am working on for Alex MacCaw's @maccman's Book. It is very rough, but even now a worthwhile read. Suggestions / comments are very welcome! Please help me :-)
DA: Doing some additions/clarifications. Minor wording changes are not marked, those sections or large items I added I'll try to mark with "DA."


JavaScriptMVC (JMVC) is an open-source jQuery-based JavaScript framework. It is nearly a comprehensive (holistic) front-end development framework, packaging utilities for testing, dependency management, documentation, and a host of useful jQuery plugins.

Yet every part of JavaScriptMVC can be used without every other part, making the library lightweight. Its Class, Model, View, and Controller combined are only 7k minified and compressed, yet even they can be used independently. JavaScriptMVC's independence lets you start small and scale to meet the challenges of the most complex applications on the web.

This chapter covers __only