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Simple javascript templating function
* Very simple non-hierarchical templating engine
* @param name
* @param data
* @returns string
function template( name, data ){
// the HTML for the template
var tmpl = document.getElementById('#tmpl-'+name).html();
// loop through data keys and replace template tags
for( var key in data ){
// the regex pattern for replacing this key
var regex = new RegExp( "{{\\s*" + key + "\\s*}}", 'g' );
// replace the template tag for this key
tmpl = tmpl.replace( regex , data[ key ]);
// remove any tags that didn't get replaced with data
tmpl = tmpl.replace( /{{.*}}/g, '' );
return tmpl;
var myStory = template('story', {
title: 'Once upon a time',
description: 'There was a young flower that wanted to be tree.',
author: 'Jonathan',
var someList = ['one','two','three'];
var myListItems = '';
myListItems+= template('list-item', { item: value });
var myList = template('list', { listItems: myListItems });
<script type="text/template" id="tmpl-story">
<h2>{{ title }}</h2>
<p>{{ description }}</p>
<div><small>{{ author }}</small></div>
<script type="text/template" id="tmpl-list-item">
<li>{{ item }}</li>
<script type="text/template" id="tmpl-list">
<ul>{{ listItems }}</ul>
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