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Last active Sep 18, 2019
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Simple script to generate a certificate used for local development on OSX
read -p 'Domain: ' DOMAIN
openssl req \
-newkey rsa:2048 \
-x509 \
-nodes \
-keyout "$DOMAIN".key \
-new \
-out $DOMAIN.crt \
-subj /CN="$DOMAIN" \
-reqexts SAN \
-extensions SAN \
-config <(cat /System/Library/OpenSSL/openssl.cnf \
<(printf "[SAN]\nsubjectAltName=DNS:$DOMAIN")) \
-sha256 \
-days 720
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daggerhart commented Feb 23, 2018

How to:

  1. ./
  2. (type in your desired domain)
  3. Open finder and double click the new .crt file. It should open in Keychain.
  4. Double click the new certificate, expand "Trust", set to "Always Trust"

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