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dwm.vim adds tiled window management capabilities to Vim.
It is highly inspired by dwm (Dynamic Window Manager) [] tiled layout management.
Windows are always organised as follows:
|              |       S1         |
|              |==========
|      M     |       S2         |
|              |==========
|              |       S3         |
Use the following commands to create, close and browse windows:
- CTRL-N Creates a new window and place it in the area [M] & stacks all previous windows in the [S] areas.
- CTRL-C Close the current window if no unsaved changes
- CTRL-J Jumps to next window (clockwise)
- CTRL-K Jumps to previous window (anti-clockwise)
- CTRL-F Focus the current window, that is, place it in the M area & stacks all other windows in the [S] areas
There's only one tiled layout available right now, but the project is open for contribution:
install details
- copy the dwn.vim file into $HOME/.vim/plugin directory
- start vim
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