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technical illustrations commissions by daiyi!

technical illustration commission

Hello! I'm daiyi, a software engineer who likes explaining complex technical topics through bespoke visual aides, sketches, and comics. Talk to me, I am v approachable \o/

Why should you hire me over some other rando

  • I have a technical background (I am literally an engineer). You can "work with me" (aka dictate your desires) to the extent that you want to, but I can also run with whatever you throw at me and actually write teaching/explanatory content (which is the hard part!) Any illustrator can draw what you tell them to, but can they dream up of shockingly niche and deeply relatable distributed system memes?
  • I have a pretty big technical following on twitter and am part of a sketchnotes collective that will spread awareness your things by shouting about them at folks who would actually find it interesting
  • I will absolutely use your commission dollars ONLY for wholesome purposes, such as buying local vegetables, or expanding my rack into aid-climbing gear

What are my services?

  1. Conference sketchnotes! samples

    ON THE FLY live sketchnotes of technical talks at conferences. I will post them literally the moment folks start clapping. I find these are wildly beloved by confs and communities and make great speaker gifts.

  2. Talk slides

    I can help enhance your slide decks, or create explanatory content

  3. Zines

  4. Blog posts

  5. TODO


  1. open source

    I <3 open source (: let's talk, I prefer collab-style when helping out with open source communities!

  2. individuals


  3. corporate


for now just contact me and we'll figure something out with your budget constraints and my time constraints :D

samples & portfolios

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