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billpatrianakos /
Last active December 22, 2022 21:01
How to set up LIRC on Raspbian Buster (2019, 4.x kernel)

Infrared and LIRC

*Beware: These instructions have been cobbled together from all of the sources I found that got my specific unit working. I can verify it works on a Pi 3B running the latest OS as of summer 2019. Everyone's hardware and system will be a bit different so your mileage may vary. Before you go crazy trying to debug issues sending a signal, grab an existing lirc config for any remote and use the lirc CLI to send a signal out and verify your hardware is sending the signal by viewing the IR LED through a front-facing smartphone camera (almost all smartphone front cameras - even new iPhones - will not filter out IR light and you should see the LED flash when sending a signal). If you see your hardware is sending a signal and/or you can see that the IR input is seeing some signal, then you know your setup works and the issue may be that the remote you're trying to learn simply won't work with LIRC. I know for a fact that many Comcast/Xfinity cable remotes are actually RF devices and need to have