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@dallas dallas/string.rb
Created Feb 16, 2010

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add single-word boolean methods to String
class String
# alias the method_missing method chain so that we can use single-word booleans
# for example, we can do things like "standard".standard? which will give us true
# obviously this is most suited for cases where you have a variable with a value from a known set of values
def method_missing_with_single_word_booleans(method_name, *args, &block)
return method_missing_without_single_word_booleans(method_name, *args, &block) unless method_name.to_s =~ /^(\w+)\?$/
self == $1
alias_method_chain :method_missing, :single_word_booleans

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commented Jan 24, 2011

Already a part of Rails in the form of ActiveSupport::StringInquirer

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