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Custom Auth handler that the Splunk REST API Modular Input can use to connect to the Cloudstack REST API
from requests.auth import AuthBase
import hmac
import base64
import hashlib
import urlparse
import urllib
class CloudstackAuth(AuthBase):
def __init__(self,**args):
# setup any auth-related data here
self.apikey = args['apikey']
self.secretkey = args['secretkey']
def __call__(self, r):
# modify and return the request
parsed = urlparse.urlparse(r.url)
url = parsed.geturl().split('?',1)[0]
url_params= urlparse.parse_qs(parsed.query)
#normalize the list value
for param in url_params:
url_params[param] = url_params[param][0]
url_params['apikey'] = self.apikey
keys = sorted(url_params.keys())
sig_params = []
for k in keys:
sig_params.append(k + '=' + urllib.quote_plus(url_params[k]).replace("+", "%20"))
query = '&'.join(sig_params)
signature = base64.b64encode(
query += '&signature=' + urllib.quote_plus(signature)
r.url = url + '?' + query
return r
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