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Damien Guard damieng

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damieng / LINQOrExpressionCombiner.cs
Created May 17, 2017
OR together LINQ expressions for Where clauses etc
View LINQOrExpressionCombiner.cs
class Or
public static Expression<Func<T, bool>> Combine<T>(Expression<Func<T, bool>> left, Expression<Func<T, bool>> right)
var parameter = Expression.Parameter(typeof(T), "p");
var combined = new ParameterReplacer(parameter).Visit(Expression.OrElse(left.Body, right.Body));
return Expression.Lambda<Func<T, bool>>(combined, parameter);
class ParameterReplacer : ExpressionVisitor
damieng / AwfulCSharpCode.cs
Created May 16, 2017
A sample C# file that messes with syntax highlighters
View AwfulCSharpCode.cs
extern alias b;
using System;
class A { public dictionary<int, String> func(int a) { } }
struct hi { byte q; int a = /* */ 1; char c = 'c'; }
void A() { }
#if ABC // Testing
/* Mult-line
comment */
public abstract class Outside { }
damieng / PageViewCount.csx
Created May 16, 2017
Page View Count function in C# for Azure Functions
View PageViewCount.csx
#r "Microsoft.WindowsAzure.Storage"
using Microsoft.WindowsAzure.Storage;
using Microsoft.WindowsAzure.Storage.Table;
using System.Net;
public static async Task<object> Run(HttpRequestMessage req, TraceWriter log)
var page = req.GetQueryNameValuePairs().FirstOrDefault(kv => string.Compare(kv.Key, "page", true) == 0);
if (String.IsNullOrEmpty(page.Value)) return req.CreateResponse(HttpStatusCode.BadRequest);
damieng /
Last active Oct 6, 2017
DamienG daily backup script to S3
cd ~/backup
rm *
_today=$(date +"%Y%m%d")
tar -c --xz -f $_today-nginx-config-dedicated.tar.xz -C /etc nginx
tar -c --xz -f $_today-damieng-files.tar.xz -C /var/www damieng
mysqldump wpDamieng | xz -9 -c - > $_today-damieng-wordpress-db.xz
cp ../*.sh .
damieng / download-with-fetch.flow.js
Last active May 20, 2019
Download a file with progress indication using just window.fetch + node (FlowType version)
View download-with-fetch.flow.js
// @flow
import fs from 'fs';
// Public: Download a file and store it on a file system using streaming with appropriate progress callback.
// * `sourceUrl` Url to download from.
// * `targetFile` File path to save to.
// * `progressCallback` Callback function that will be given a {ByteProgressCallback} object containing
// both bytesDone and percent.
damieng / download-with-fetch.flow.js
Created Mar 13, 2017
Download a file using just window.fetch (flowtype version)
View download-with-fetch.flow.js
// @flow
import fs from 'fs';
export default async function download(sourceUrl: string, targetFile: string, progressCallback: ?ByteProgressCallback, length: ?number): Promise<void> {
const request = new Request(sourceUrl, {
headers: new Headers({'Content-Type': 'application/octet-stream'})
const response = await fetch(request);
View gist:d1a3bf30f36e14a954b94448fe51f44a
### Keybase proof
I hereby claim:
* I am damieng on github.
* I am damieng ( on keybase.
* I have a public key ASA8deTgucv6MkZXIKGoqPTL9-Tw1C1HZPVR_iOyfEsQfgo
To claim this, I am signing this object:
damieng / getproxieswindows.js
Created Jan 11, 2017
Get Proxy servers on Windows
View getproxieswindows.js
exports.getProxyServers = (callback) => {
try {
new Registry('\\Software\\Microsoft\\Windows\\CurrentVersion\\Internet Settings')
.get('ProxySever', (err, val) => {
callback(err, err ? undefined || Object.assign({}, ...val.split(';').map(v => v.split('=')).map(v => ({[v[0]]: v[1]}))))
} catch (err) {
damieng / npm-win-proxy.ps1
Last active Sep 21, 2017
Apply Windows proxy settings to npm automatically
View npm-win-proxy.ps1
try {
$proxyKey = (Get-ItemProperty -Path "HKCU:\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings" -Name ProxyServer -ErrorAction Stop).ProxyServer
foreach($proxy in $proxyKey.Split(';')) {
$parts = $proxy.Split('=')
switch ($parts[0]) {
'http' { iex "npm config set proxy http://$parts[1]"; break }
'https' { iex "npm config set https-proxy http://$parts[1]"; break }
View Compaq-G80-1800.kbd.json
"backcolor": "#000000",
"name": "Compaq G80-1800",
"author": "Damien Guard",
"background": {
"name": "ABS WFK",
"style": "background-image: url('/bg/plastic/abs-wfk.jpg');"
"switchMount": "cherry",
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