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Evolution vs Thunderbird
Why use Evolution instead of Thunderbird and its Lightning calendar add-on?
I was using Thunderbird as my only mail and calendaring client for almost 18 months until one day it stopped receiving mail. The Thunderbird/Mozilla IRC channel failed to provide a fix for me so I decided to try Evolution instead and thats how I learned Evolution has several advantages over Thunderbird:
You need at least two add-ons for Thunderbird to enable Exchange calendar support. I never had a problem with Lightning not working after an upgrade but every time you update Thunderbird you risk losing calendaring if the add-ons don't work with the new version. Evolution includes an (optional) Exchange Web Services module as standard for those who want to use it with Exchange.
Evolution has better support for IMAP than Thunderbird. This is most notable in that Evolution supports mail folders created under Outlook. Such folders are invisible to the user under Thunderbird. Evolution also highlights high-priority emails unlike Thunderbird.
Upon performing a fresh install, Evolution recalls what emails have already been read, even mails read with other clients. Thunderbird classifies all mail as unread when checking out a mailbox for the first time and only remembers what mail has been read on a local basis.
Evolution has an out-of-office auto-reply feature whereas under Thunderbird you have to resort to using Outlook to provide this.
Evolution is easier to set up than Thunderbird.
Evolution has an easier to use, more modern interface.
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Torsten-K commented Jul 4, 2017

Hi Dan,

I translated your text into German on my blog, linking to this original posting here. Please tell me if that is okay with you. I can’t find any personal messaging system here on GitHub. If you need more informations, please let me know.


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T313C0mun1s7 commented Oct 4, 2021

Sounds like you are comparing POP3 to IMAP and not IMAP to IMAP. I am about 99% sure you had Thunderbird using POP3 and Evolution using IMAP. Thunderbird provides the most standards complaint IMAP client that exists, whereas Outlook and Apple Mail are two of the worst at being Standards complaint. So saying that Thunderbird is at fault for anything that is different in Outlook is a backwards proposition. However, I think the real reason Thunderbird could not see folders created by Outlook is because POP3 ignores all folders and only cares about messages in the root of the inbox.


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