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import sys
from rios import applier
from rios import cuiprogress
import numpy
def calcstats(info, inputs, outputs):
# Calc standard deviation of bands for each pixel
stdev_pixels = numpy.std(inputs.inimage, axis=0)
# Reshape to make 3-dimensional array (required for output)
outputs.outimage = stdev_pixels.reshape((1,stdev_pixels.shape[0],stdev_pixels.shape[1]))
# Set up input and output files
infiles = applier.FilenameAssociations()
infiles.inimage = 'tmean_monthly_1980.tif'
outfiles = applier.FilenameAssociations()
outfiles.outimage = 'tstdev_1980.tif'
# Set up options for output file
controls = applier.ApplierControls()
controls.setOutputDriverName("GTiff") # Output
controls.setCalcStats(True) # Create stats and overviews for output file
controls.progress = cuiprogress.CUIProgressBar() # Show progress
applier.apply(calcstats, infiles, outfiles, controls=controls)
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