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Lazy sorter - an iterator that yields items in sorted order, lazily
import random
import string
from lazyquicksort import lazy_sort
def chars(length):
options = string.ascii_lowercase
return ''.join([random.choice(options) for i in range(length)])
if __name__ == '__main__':
elements = chars(10)
print('Original:', elements)
for i, e in enumerate(lazy_sort(elements), start=1):
print(f' step {i:2d}: {e}')
from itertools import tee
def lazy_sort(v, key=lambda x: x):
v = iter(v)
pivot = next(v)
except StopIteration:
v_pre, v_pos = tee(v)
yield from lazy_sort(item for item in v_pre if key(item) < key(pivot))
yield pivot
yield from lazy_sort(item for item in v_pos if key(item) >= key(pivot))

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@danielgoncalves danielgoncalves commented Oct 9, 2020

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