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Patches ZEN-2819: refs ZEN-2797 fixed by tsanders. Fixed by removing a double fire on first load. reviewed by noone, trunk reviewed by jhanson.
Index: branches/core/zenoss-4.2.x/Products/ZenUI3/browser/resources/js/zenoss/ComponentPanel.js
--- branches/core/zenoss-4.2.x/Products/ZenUI3/browser/resources/js/zenoss/ComponentPanel.js (revision 61801)
+++ branches/core/zenoss-4.2.x/Products/ZenUI3/browser/resources/js/zenoss/ComponentPanel.js (revision 62483)
@@ -566,7 +566,4 @@
if (token.split(Ext.History.DELIMITER).length!=3) {
this.getSelectionModel().selectRange(0, 0);
- // Ext, for some reason, doesn't fire selectionchange at this
- // point, so we'll do it ourselves.
- this.fireEvent('selectionchange', this, this.getSelectionModel().getSelection());
}, this, {single:true});
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