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To get emacs themes right in terminal
Origin link:
First I had to uninstall my previous version of emacs and then install the patched version.
brew uninstall emacs
brew tap choppsv1/term24
brew install choppsv1/term24/emacs
Also for anyone interested this is a fast way to install the nightly version of iTerm2. By default casks will install to ~/Applications. Run install with --appdir if you want it elsewhere. Cask usage
brew tap caskroom/versions
brew cask install iterm2-nightly
Then run emacs with the flag mentioned here.
ITERM_24BIT=1 emacs
The last thing I need to figure out is how to fix the bad characters at the bottom. I have iTerm set to use Source Code Pro for both the ASCII and non ASCII font.
Other minor things not working for me:
The cursor is not colored like in GUI emacs.
There is no highlight on mouseover for clickable items.
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