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danierutu/ Secret

Created Nov 20, 2020
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Store Spawned Vehicles

Store Spawned Vehicles

Credits to PhatCJ as the original author of these steps.

  1. Spawn the car you want with the menu.
  2. Modify it the way you want (colors, upgrades, liveries, plate, vehicle extras if it has any, rims, blablabla).
  3. Save it in the menu.
  4. In the Spawner Settings, enable Spawn In Vehicle.
  5. Steal a shitty car from the street, which you can drive into your garage (so no good ones, pick shitty SUVs or whatever).
  6. Drive it into any of your garages, and while the cutscene is playing, spawn the vehicle you want to replace it with using the menu.
    If the garage shows you a menu when you enter (like the CEO garage wanting you to pick garage 1, 2 or 3), do it after you pick which garage you want.

Once that's done and you have the car in your garage, it's just a matter of buying full insurance (it'll only have a tracker at this point).

This will NOT work for blacklisted vehicles or vehicles that aren't released yet. However you can use this to put some vehicles into your garage that don't belong there normally, such as bicycles, the Dune or the RC Bandito.

DO NOT put the RC Bandito in your garage before you've actually bought one for the arena! If you spawn it into your garage before you've bought one, you'll FUCK UP YOUR GAME PERMANENTLY and be unallowed to buy it anymore.

Here's an example in video.


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@Snollag Snollag commented Mar 8, 2021

Very cool, thanks ,':)

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