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Created Jan 11, 2020
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namespace type_traits_internal {
// is_trivially_copyable()
// Determines whether the passed type `T` is trivially copyable.
// This metafunction is designed to be a drop-in replacement for the C++11
// `std::is_trivially_copyable()` metafunction for platforms that have
// incomplete C++11 support (such as libstdc++ 4.x). We use the C++17 definition
// of TriviallyCopyable.
// NOTE: `is_trivially_copyable<T>::value` is `true` if all of T's copy/move
// constructors/assignment operators are trivial or deleted, T has at least
// one non-deleted copy/move constructor/assignment operator, and T is trivially
// destructible. Arrays of trivially copyable types are trivially copyable.
// We expose this metafunction only for internal use within absl.
template <typename T>
class is_trivially_copyable_impl {
using ExtentsRemoved = typename std::remove_all_extents<T>::type;
static constexpr bool kIsCopyOrMoveConstructible =
std::is_copy_constructible<ExtentsRemoved>::value ||
static constexpr bool kIsCopyOrMoveAssignable =
absl::is_copy_assignable<ExtentsRemoved>::value ||
static constexpr bool kValue =
(__has_trivial_copy(ExtentsRemoved) || !kIsCopyOrMoveConstructible) &&
(__has_trivial_assign(ExtentsRemoved) || !kIsCopyOrMoveAssignable) &&
(kIsCopyOrMoveConstructible || kIsCopyOrMoveAssignable) &&
is_trivially_destructible<ExtentsRemoved>::value &&
// We need to check for this explicitly because otherwise we'll say
// references are trivial copyable when compiled by MSVC.
template <typename T>
struct is_trivially_copyable
: std::integral_constant<
bool, type_traits_internal::is_trivially_copyable_impl<T>::kValue> {};
} // namespace type_traits_internal
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