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// A view that you can drag to move the underlying window around,
// but other mouse events are still handled by the view.
class DraggableView: NSView {
var dragStart: Date? = nil
// This alone would be sufficient except that the final mouseUp
// after a drag gets handled by the view instead of ignored,
// so the user will accidentally click a button if they happened
// to start (thus end) their drag on one.
override var mouseDownCanMoveWindow: Bool { return true }
// Timestamp the start of any drag.
override func mouseDragged(with event: NSEvent) {
if dragStart == nil {
dragStart = Date()
// Figure out if the mouseUp terminated a drag or not.
// Also consider tiny drags (<100ms) to be clicks.
override func mouseUp(with event: NSEvent) {
if let dragStart = dragStart {
let milliseconds = (Date().timeIntervalSince1970 - dragStart.timeIntervalSince1970) * 1000
//print("delta", delta)
if milliseconds > 100 {
self.dragStart = nil
super.mouseUp(with: event)
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