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strip-instagram-data-ids: remove some identifier information from a list of Instagram images
# convenience script to obfuscate, but not completely redact, *some*
# identifier information from a list of Instagram images, such as
# all likes and commenters. Image unique ID is left in so original data
# can be recovered
import json
from random import choice
from string import ascii_letters, digits
FNAME = './examples/images.json'
jdata = json.load(open(FNAME))
# the example file can be expected to contain standard Instagram response with 'data' attribute
# or just the list extracted from the original response's 'data' attribute
images = jdata if isinstance(jdata, list) else jdata['data']
print("Number of images: %s" % len(images))
for img in images:
# remove comments and likes
img['likes']['data'] = []
img['likes']['count'] = 0
img['comments']['data'] = []
img['comments']['count'] = 0
# remove user info, nominally
tk_username = "".join(choice(ascii_letters) for i in range(10))
tk_user_id = "".join(choice(digits) for i in range(12))
tk_user_fullname = "Doe " + "".join(choice(ascii_letters) for i in range(5))
img['user']['username'] = tk_username
img['user']['full_name'] = tk_user_fullname
img['user']['id'] = tk_user_id
# edit caption info
if img.get('caption'):
img['caption']['from']['username'] = tk_username
img['caption']['from']['full_name'] = tk_user_fullname
img['caption']['from']['id'] = tk_user_id
print(json.dumps(images, indent = 2))
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